They say that the first step is the hardest. But I am starting to wonder if that is really true. It’s easy to say your going to do something. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had meetings with people all with the common goal of doing a project. Like most things in the creative world these meetings often equate nothing more than some cheap take out and a space to vent about how un-happy the collected group is at their current employment.

While that technically isn’t the first step. ( the first actually create something ) I think both are easy enough to do. Once you have something. An actual product that people can look at. Then what do you do? You want it to grow and you want it to succeed. It is your baby and you want it to survive. But there is a saying “It takes a village to raise a child” What if your going it alone? When creating something from scratch you actually have two jobs. Create the baby, and build the village to support it.

This project started as a way to do the things that we wanted to do. And to do so with out any limitations. Professionally everyone who has contributed to this product has been told the “no” before. And when your trying to do something that you believe in “no” is the worst word on the face of the planet. And there are a lot of other really bad words, like moist. ( just sounds gross doesn’t it? ) So Eurekamatic was to be our place to be the people we wanted to be not the ones we are paid to be.

But its hard to take that hobby and make it your job. When you in fact have something that is already your full time job. Then balance all that out with the whole life aspect, friends, family ect. its really hard to find that time. But when you really are doing the right thing it gets buried in there deep in your brain and your really not able to do or think about much else. Eventually you live and breathe the idea. And passion is what takes you to the next level.

They say you never find a boyfriend/girlfriend if your out looking for them. The reason being is that your not 100% invested in your self. Your constantly comparing yourself to others in the room and trying to look different, sound different, be different so that others will like you. You find that real relationship when your not thinking about it. When your not worried what other people might think or do or say. When your just being the best you, you can be. And people see that and are attracted to it. And that is where the need to live and breathe a project comes in.

The closest real world artistic example I can think of is a band. It’s easy to say “Hey we should jam sometime” Then the next step is to write the songs. Difficult but not impossible. And now that you have songs you just have to play them like you mean them. Bands that make it sleep in the van’s and travel 12 months of the year and wake up everyday to do it all again. Because they love it. And eventually people start to notice.

But that’s where most people fall off. It’s easy to make excuses as to why to NOT do something. “I don’t have the right gear. If I had this camera I could do it but right now I can’t afford it. If I got a new computer it would be better. If I started sooner it would be easier.” and so on and so on. But in reality the Beatles where right. All you need is love. If you truly love your project. everything else will fall into place.

It will be rough. You will fall down. You will get hurt and you will get lost. Your friends might not understand your obsession and loved ones may even say that you can’t do it. But the reality the only thing that can stop you. is yourself. Because all you need is love.