I just returned from vacation out in Colorado and had spent the long weekend unplugging from everything. I saw a whole bunch of mountains took hundreds of photos and came to an epiphany. NO ONE CARES!

Now I don’t mean this in a apathetic way but in that what ever you have going on in your life it may seem like the biggest most important thing in the world to you but the reality is that not many other people care. But that’s a good thing!

So I’m sitting in this restaurant overlooking Denver, CO. on their outdoor patio at sunset. And as it got darker more and more lights from the city started to turn on. It was then that I was able to quanitfy the feeling that I had the most of the trip. Small. All the mountains and empty spaces out in the Rockies made me feel small. Here I was in a place where no one knew who I was or what I did for a living. And that made me think about my job and the many hours I’ve spent working, or stressed out trying to make a deadline ultimately for something that 97% of the planet will never know about. The world just doesn’t care about me and that made me feel great!

It’s super easy to get wrapped up in the day to day of your life. We are surrounded by it. Your co-workers all talk about work, your family asks about your day, and your friends all listen to you while you complain. Top that off with social media. Your joke about your boss got quite a few likes on Facebook. Someone retweeted your hashtag and you got another follower now we feel really important.

But all those friends on Facebook and Twitter and Co-workers and Bosses added up are just a fraction of the world. And more than likely that thing your stressed out about really doesn’t matter. Perspective is really hard to get when you’re so immersed in it. Every once and a while go somewhere you’ve never been. Talk to people you normally wouldn’t and do something you normally wouldn’t do.

Break away from the things that you know and put everything back into perspective. not only will it re-ground you but it’s quite the adventure also.