So your sitting on your couch watching TV. When all of a sudden you think to yourself I’m going to go get some orange juice. Not I need a drink or I’m thirsty. Orange Juice. Such a specific thing that your brain attaches it’s self to. Well your doctor will probably tell you thats your body’s way of telling you your short on vitamin C. Craving milk, low calcium. Meat, low on protein. Your body is pretty complex and knows exactly what it needs and has ways of telling you with out you even knowing your being told.

This year I’ve been interested in bicycles. I like most other kids learned how to ride a bike in my youth. And there was a kid down the street that I used to play with whom we would ride bikes in a circle on his dead end street. But that was really the extent of my cycling life. I grew up, got a car and haven’t even thought about bicycles in 20 years.

Fast forward to now. I live in New York City and no longer have any need for a car as mass transit and taxis are much more manageable and cost effective. And after dealing with parking, and traffic, and maintenance what was once my favorite thing became more of a hassle. So I gave the car to my father as his car was much older and living in the suburbs he uses it much more than I did in the city.

I don’t know why or how but I started noticing more and more bicycles on the streets this year. But I doubt that its because of more people on the road. I researched everything about owning a bike in New York. Traffic laws, bike paths, types of bicycles, ( road, hybrid, mountain ) brands, accessories, gear. I’ve read thousands of web pages and visited dozens of bike shops all around the city. But I couldn’t figure out why I was suddenly compelled to do so.

I justified it as well I should get healthy. My job involves a lot of computer work which isn’t the best for your health so being active would be good. And I could save money on cabs and subways by commuting to work on two wheels. I even started to think big picture that it’s the environmentally friendly thing that I could do so i’m doing my little part to save the planet. All of these reasons though weren’t the real reason why. And that’s Freedom.

When I owned a car my favorite thing to do was just to drive. Not that I had any destination in mind most of the time I wouldn’t even stop the car until I returned home. I would just drive around. And there was something so special about being able to do that. The freedom to go where ever the road takes you. The freedom get inside this quiet cocoon of metal and leather and just go. I always did my best thinking when I drove around and it just made me feel less stressed and more balanced when did it.

My body was telling me not to get a bicycle to get in shape. It was telling me it needed to hit the road again.

If you look at your hobbies they aren’t probably about the thing that your doing. But filling a need that your body is aware of but your mind may not be. Lot’s of people say they want to learn Italian as a language and while it may help on your two week vacation more than likely your not going to be speaking it day to day. But the language is the window into other things. The romance, the art, the lifestyle these are all things that are associated with. It’s also communication and communication leads to connection. So perhaps on some deeper level, you desire the ability to connect and maybe even long for a bit of romance.

Perhaps you knit not because you want to make a sweater, but you long for quiet. Play an instrument because you want attention. Or play video games because you seek adventure.

Whatever it may be the point is that your body is smarter than you. And sometimes you need to stop and listen to what it’s telling you. Because deep down it know what type of person it wants to be and if you listen to it you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself.