I just got home from The Natural History Museum and saw a planetarium movie Journey to the Stars and now my brain hurts. Outer space is one of those things that if you really start to think you could have a complete mental break down trying to comprehend how big the universe is and how small we really are.

So we are a speck. A very tiny anomaly that just happened to be lucky enough to have the perfect storm of right place right time to create life.The universe is randomly formed and will randomly unravel. That’s right! the Sun has a time limit. Granted its a few billion years away. But the sun will consume earth and this planet we call home one day will not exist. Its not even a matter of “if” its a matter of “when”.

Now the mind melting part of all of this is how big space is. This year scientist found Kepler-22b which could potently be Earth 2. Now given the information I just gave you “that our planet is going to be one day destroyed by the sun” you might be thinking awesome well we found an Earth 2 we’re cool we can just go there one day. Perhaps but Kepler-22b is 600 lightyears away. Or 3,527,099,886,000,000 Miles away. 3 Quadrillion Miles I didn’t even know that was a real number!

I can go on and on about the thousand of questions I have and I can assure you I’m going to go download a few books right now about the universe. But I will probably end up sounding like a lunatic as I don’t even have the vocabulary for the amount of wonder that is currently running through my body.

Why do we spend so much time fighting over land, resources, or parking spots when there is an infinite amount of room off this planet? There are hundred of billions of galaxies out there but we don’t have anyway to get to them. And this year we shut down our space exploration program. WHY! We only a few thousand years ago started exploring this planet and that sense of exploration is not only exciting but leads to new life, new technologies and helps secure our future as a species.

The universe is unpredictable and it won’t be us that have to deal with the impending sun consuming the earth problem but I’d like to leave this life at least knowing that someone somewhere it taking a step toward making the USS Enterprise a real ship as space really is the final frontier.