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How $12 Can Change Your Life.

Its not a lot of money. $12. It’s 2 cups of coffee or a few rides on the subway. It’s less than a pizza. But $12 can really change your life. It can buy you a notebook and a pencil. While those two items may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world it can in fact make quite the difference.
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Space The Final Frontier

I just got home from The Natural History Museum and saw a planetarium movie Journey to the Stars and now my brain hurts. Outer space is one of those things that if you really start to think you could have a complete mental break down trying to comprehend how big the universe is and how small we really are.
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An Original Representation of a Version of Myself.

I have about 5 other posts that are works in progress but something that has taken a front row seat in my brain theater has been the idea of change. It’s inevitable this we all know as a core life lesson that everything changes and in the business mind set you hear constantly that you have to move with change or be left behind. An idea that I totally agree with. Change is extremely important as it brings new or improved to the table. (Note that I put or in the middle there because people that say new AND improved drive me nuts.) But how far are you willing to go for change?

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Zombies Ate My Neighbor


Tonight was the season premier of the ultra successful the walking dead. And if youve been reading this page you might have noticed that zombies have a warm place in our heart. I have had many conversations with people about their zombie attack plans. Some are much more thought out than others. And I can openly admit that while I was looking for a bike I did at one point have the thought of well when the outbreak happens at least I have wheels that wont require gas.
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When Is A Bicycle Not A Bicycle

So your sitting on your couch watching TV. When all of a sudden you think to yourself I’m going to go get some orange juice. Not I need a drink or I’m thirsty. Orange Juice. Such a specific thing that your brain attaches it’s self to. Well your doctor will probably tell you thats your body’s way of telling you your short on vitamin C. Craving milk, low calcium. Meat, low on protein. Your body is pretty complex and knows exactly what it needs and has ways of telling you with out you even knowing your being told.
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Roof Decks and Pop Music

I just returned from vacation out in Colorado and had spent the long weekend unplugging from everything. I saw a whole bunch of mountains took hundreds of photos and came to an epiphany. NO ONE CARES!

Now I don’t mean this in a apathetic way but in that what ever you have going on in your life it may seem like the biggest most important thing in the world to you but the reality is that not many other people care. But that’s a good thing!
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Imagine Greater

There is a lot you can say about the Syfy Channel. There is one thing that is undeniably awesome and that is there promo spots. They are works of art and every time I watch them I seem to notice more and more things that I hadn’t seen before. Enjoy.

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Hand Covers Bruise

They say that the first step is the hardest. But I am starting to wonder if that is really true. It’s easy to say your going to do something. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had meetings with people all with the common goal of doing a project. Like most things in the creative world these meetings often equate nothing more than some cheap take out and a space to vent about how un-happy the collected group is at their current employment.

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When We Left Earth

I know there has been a lot of space talk on this site. I suppose with the space program on hiatus I find myself wanting to learn as much as I can about it. There is an amazing series by the Discovery channel called “When We Left Earth” It’s available on iTunes for $15 in HD $10 in SD. It’s a great mini history on the space program that’s really inspiring and just proves that when we put our minds to something people can do absolutely anything.

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Turn off your TV and start a revolution.


I think you should first watch this video then read the rest of this post.