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How $12 Can Change Your Life.

Its not a lot of money. $12. It’s 2 cups of coffee or a few rides on the subway. It’s less than a pizza. But $12 can really change your life. It can buy you a notebook and a pencil. While those two items may not seem like the most exciting thing in the world it can in fact make quite the difference.
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An Original Representation of a Version of Myself.

I have about 5 other posts that are works in progress but something that has taken a front row seat in my brain theater has been the idea of change. It’s inevitable this we all know as a core life lesson that everything changes and in the business mind set you hear constantly that you have to move with change or be left behind. An idea that I totally agree with. Change is extremely important as it brings new or improved to the table. (Note that I put or in the middle there because people that say new AND improved drive me nuts.) But how far are you willing to go for change?

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When Is A Bicycle Not A Bicycle

So your sitting on your couch watching TV. When all of a sudden you think to yourself I’m going to go get some orange juice. Not I need a drink or I’m thirsty. Orange Juice. Such a specific thing that your brain attaches it’s self to. Well your doctor will probably tell you thats your body’s way of telling you your short on vitamin C. Craving milk, low calcium. Meat, low on protein. Your body is pretty complex and knows exactly what it needs and has ways of telling you with out you even knowing your being told.
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Roof Decks and Pop Music

I just returned from vacation out in Colorado and had spent the long weekend unplugging from everything. I saw a whole bunch of mountains took hundreds of photos and came to an epiphany. NO ONE CARES!

Now I don’t mean this in a apathetic way but in that what ever you have going on in your life it may seem like the biggest most important thing in the world to you but the reality is that not many other people care. But that’s a good thing!
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Imagine Greater

There is a lot you can say about the Syfy Channel. There is one thing that is undeniably awesome and that is there promo spots. They are works of art and every time I watch them I seem to notice more and more things that I hadn’t seen before. Enjoy.

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Hand Covers Bruise

They say that the first step is the hardest. But I am starting to wonder if that is really true. It’s easy to say your going to do something. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had meetings with people all with the common goal of doing a project. Like most things in the creative world these meetings often equate nothing more than some cheap take out and a space to vent about how un-happy the collected group is at their current employment.

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Turn off your TV and start a revolution.


I think you should first watch this video then read the rest of this post.

Genius Love Company

Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and James Cameron and Michael Apted sit and discuss filmmaking. Its a long video but if you have a free two hours or even if your doing something else just pop it on and listen. The amount of talent in this room just gives you chills.

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Did you ever wonder?

When you were a child you looked at the world quite a bit differently than when you became an adult. When your young being playful, unique, and imaginative was what defined you as a person. There were monsters in your closet. The cardboard box was much more fun than the toys it encased, you had conversations with a stuffed animal and a cloud wasn’t just a cloud. When your young your encouraged to go play. Encouraged to say what is on your mind and encouraged to ask questions.

Then somewhere along the lines it changed. It became stop acting childish, or act your age. Then after college when one enters “THE REAL WORLD” we are held even more repressed in our actions and ideas. We suddenly feel embarrassed by our actions. Why? We are quick to feel embarrassment because we fear that we will be laughed at by expressing ourselves.

When you were a child you didn’t have that filter. Its been shown in studies that a child that feel more secure in a trusted environment is more free to play. In a creative industry you should also have that same feeling of safety so that you your self are more comfortable taking risks. The problem being is that most feel if they take a risk and they fail they will loose their job and there for they don’t put their ideas out to the world. They Play Safe.

The result is very apparent in TV. This fear of risk is exactly why there are dozens of music competitions, real worlds and survivor-esque shows. They worked lets copy that formula and we too will be successful. But just because something works doesn’t mean it’s not broken.

Take AMC for example. AMC’s original programing lineup is Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Killing. All shows that on paper really shouldn’t work. But the fact is that because they have broken the convention of what TV shows are they in turn have massive success. They had taken the risk and the rewards are ten fold that of a generic reality show. Now I’m sure there was plenty of hand wringing and many hours spent talking about if they should or shouldn’t put a show about zombies on the air. But the point more importantly is that someone had the guts to stand up and say hey lets do a show about zombies.

Other people are always going to limit you. Be it with Money, Time, or Resources. So why put those limits on yourself? I had a teacher in college say “A movie is like a funnel. When you start the funnel is wide open and its very easy to pour your ideas in. Then as you move along on the process it gets narrower and narrower until the end when all of those ideas come together to make 1 great idea.”

So it’s important to have that conversation. And to adapt in the creating process a bit of child like wonder as you come up with ideas. And to do so hopefully in your workplace or with your peers in a comfortable enough environment that everyone feels safe to be open. NASA is famous for saying “Failure is not an option.” but thats not true. Fear is a very powerful thing especially the fear that you will fail at something often prevents you from doing anything. When we all know that failing at things is all apart of life. Thomas Edison famously said on inventing the lightbulb. “I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Failure is inevitable. Fear is not an option. And maybe there is a monster in your closet.